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We Don’t Renovate Spaces, We Dress Them, Beautifully

Looking to revamp a bedroom, a boardroom or home office space? Then stop looking and start talking to Roost about an easy and affordable wall space makeover!

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Light Box Art

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Beautiful, Simple, Affordable

Re-imagining your wall space is the best way to renovate a room.


It’s affordable

It’s easy to install

It’s easy to change

It’s breathtakingly gorgeous

Custom Wallpaper

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Proud to be Local

With a lifetime of creative flair and an eye for the exotic, Roost’s founder Annah Stretton presents luxury walls that are locally crafted. From bespoke wall coverings to wall art and window treats, the Roost collection is proudly designed, developed and dispatched by Kiwis for Kiwis.

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