Annah Stretton is putting the va-va-voom into Zoom

For almost 30 years now entrepreneur Annah Stretton, and her namesake fashion brand, has been known for her fabulous frocks; bursting with colour and unconventional combinations of prints and fabrics.

However, Annah’s art school creative flair has never been restricted to her fashion business; instead it spills over into every facet of her life. Just take a peek inside her Hamilton-based home, recently show cased in a Stuff lifestyle article, and you can see Annah’s ‘I’m no wallflower’ flair on full display.

It makes absolute sense, therefore, that during New Zealand’s self-imposed exile for the past two months, Annah has found another opportunity to inject some home-grown colour into our remote working worlds.

“Like many business owners, I’ve been engaging in multiple Zoom meetings every week. One of the unintended consequences of this new normal is that all of a sudden we are exposing our private home  office spaces to the world and it got me thinking about how I could help bring some colour into this new public/private space”

Says Annah. For years now Annah’s flamboyant retail store fit-outs have attracted the adoration of her fans; so much so in fact that she started retailing some of her artistic creations in the form of lightboxes, prints and even wallpaper. With this new way of working set to become a more permanent, than temporary, fixture of our life going forward, Annah is turning up the dial on this part of her business.

“I’ve got such a diverse collection of art ideas and photography that could inject an instant and affordable burst of colour and personality into a home office or work meeting space. I think we could all do with a little more colour in our lives after the year that’s been” says Annah.

The full collection of locally-produced Art for the Work Space – photography, canvases, light boxes and wall paper – can be found on Roost. A custom made service will also be available where resizing and/or bespoke creations can be catered for.